What am I currently working on?

Often people ask me what I am currently working on.  Like many writers, I usually have a number of projects going on at the same time.  Front and center for me right now is an as-of-yet untitled play about two Smith students sharing a room and their lives with each other.  It’s inspired by my own experiences at Smith, but by no means autobiographical.

I’m also finishing up my YA novel, and I have a couple chapters written of my first attempt at writing fantasy for middle readers.

And of course, there’s always Crossing, which at this point has been bubbling around my brain for so long and in so many versions of itself that I expect it to pour forth from my brain fully formed like Athena from Zeus’s head one of these days…we’ll see.  (Is it inappropriate to use a metaphor from Greek mythology when referring to a play about Jesus?)

At this very moment, unfortunately, I am working on getting over a cold.  One of the only downsides of using voice-recognition software to write is that it has trouble recognizing my words when I am congested and hoarse!

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