The Best Boyfriend


“A rich, affecting piece about a person who has heretofore been nearly invisible in contemporary drama.”
– Martin Denton,

“A powerful piece about a messy, emotion-ridden collision of a person whose body and gender identity don’t align with a world — and a lover — not yet ready to understand.”
-Erin Carlyle, City Pages

Originally included in The Naked I: Monologues from beyond the Binary, “The Best Boyfriend” is also a powerful piece in its own right.

Production Requirements
1 female-bodied actor, perhaps a chair

Please contact Toby if you are interested in producing this work.

Production History
NativeAliens Theatre Collective
Short Stories 5
June 2003
New York City

Five College Multicultural Theater
WORD! 2003 Festival
April 2003
UMASS, Amherst

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